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3 Steps to Your Strategic Advantage


Are you on track to meet your goals for the year? Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones that have already met them. Maybe you’re a long way off. Don’t adjust the goals, adjust your strategy. Find Your Strategic Advantage in just 3 Simple Steps Over the past couple of weeks, I have run across several people who find …

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The ABCs of Success

ABCs of Success from Sue Hines

It’s Dead Simple! We do tend to make life terribly complicated for ourselves. Stepping back to gain a fresh perspective often reveals basic truths.  I spent some time on the weekend, looking through some notes I made while listening to a webinar series about a year ago. Each speaker had spoken about a different area of life – relationships, work-life-balance… …

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3 Secrets to Increasing Your Value

increase your unique value

And become what matters How do you get to be the best kept secret in town? Not being able to articulate the real value you provide keeps you looking “vanilla” or worse: invisible! This is a noisy world, with hundreds of things competing for our attention at any time. How do people know to choose you or what you offer? …

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Tools for Inspiration

What is Your Genie

Inspiration comes in some surprising forms. I studiously avoided something for years, yet it turned out to hold a huge gift. As a teenager, I shrugged off the subject of math and defiantly refused to take any math course. Despite spending the last several decades using statistics, I have so far managed to work around my lack of math skills. …

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Want to Boost Your Pizzazz?

Pizzazz- the magnetic force of your Genie

Isn’t the word, “pizzazz” a delicious sounding and looking word, even if there are not enough Zs in the game for you to be able to use it when playing Words with Friends or Scrabble. The week’s musings are on being in touch with this facet of you that is ultimately responsible for your success. Flick that switch!                     Pizzazz …

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Milestone Counting Misses Life Itself

Patti Coertze

Reaching Milestones or just Marking Time In talking about achievement the other day, I remembered something a wise, wise woman once told me, and I would like to share the thought with you. Dr. Patti Havenga Coertze is her name, bright eyed, curious, and always thinking – differently. The first day I met her, she took me into her sunny …

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You Are Wired for Simple

Wired for simple

Language is an organ of perception  Our brains are wired to believe rather than disbelieve. This fact influences our lives every single day. It is not the work of the con artist or magician I am talking about, although they certainly exploit this tendency. The human brain automatically accepts incoming information as true. The brain later runs the information through …

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Free Strategy Session

Learn, grow, perfect your skills

Read to find out more You have to make so many decisions every day, if you didn’t have some of them on automatic, you’d go crazy. Do you ever feel, though, that you are doing what you do just because it is your normal thing? Soon after my daughter, Jess, was born I discovered the work of Maria Montessori. Before …

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Something to Think About

what if I do this?

Do you want to even out the cash flow and find a way to get get stuff done? What is stopping you? Overwhelm and the stress of the roller-coaster ride is all too familiar to most of us. I have an idea about how you can move yourself forward or grow your business. 4 Questions can take you from the …

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Got The Energy For This?

Energy from Motivation

Your success depends on it! It’s inside and outside. It’s real and sometimes visible. Its organic and inorganic and who knows what else! There is energy all around us vibrating at levels we don’t really perceive, let alone know or understand. It has a life of its own, like your heart pumping blood and your digestion doing what it does. …

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