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Are You Inside Out?

brand positioining notes

I recently found some old notes I had written (probably some time in the last century) and came across a batch of numbered “points” that made me realize how important it is that we look at things from the inside out. Are you living from the inside out? I am not entirely sure where the notes I had written come …

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Why Makes a Difference

Have you ever wondered why your prospects say they want to do business with you and fail to follow through? Or why it is easy to do some things and so hard to get started or to follow through on others? Patterns of Starting and Finishing The clues to follow-through often lie in the reason or motivation people have for …

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Check That off Your Todo List

putting off seeing friends

How do you get yourself to do something… something you have been meaning to do? “Tonight,” you say, “I’ll do it tonight.” And tomorrow you say it again. When I was about 8 years old, someone gave me a small green address book. I used to write the names of the boys I like in it. Even gave them star …

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Change Your Life in Just A Few Hours

More in 5 minutes a day

Want to change your life, but don’t know where to start? Yes, change is hard!! But not changing is even harder! + Just 5 minutes of exercise a day increases your lifespan. + Your focus improves with 5 minutes of meditation a day. + 5 minutes of outdoor activity boosts your self-esteem. > That is all it takes, just 5 …

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4 Small Steps to Radical Change

last drop

Big change doesn’t take a revolution. Today’s self-tracking devices like Fitbit and the Nike Fuel Band do show that it is not the size of the change, but the tracking of it that is what brings about the revolution. Tracking the change feeds the motivation to continue with each small step. So, if that works for changing your physiology, what …

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Morning People Rule

early or late riser

And what to do if you are NOT a morning person Morning people have the advantage. It’s more than motivation, it’s happiness they get. Have you figured out at what time of day you are at your best? A few years ago, I delved deep into time, consuming close to 100 books on the subject of our daily rhythms. The …

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Your Inner Sage

Your Inner Sage

Where is Your Inner Sage? The combined wisdom of ancient and modern science and techniques help us understand how to get motivated and stay engaged. In olden times, it was the priests who were the sages and scribes. Their job was to understand how the world works and what makes us humans tick, so they could guide the rulers in …

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Your Genie-us Brand

Genie-us Brands

To show you the connection between your Genie and your brand, I took the top few Most Valuable Brands (Forbes, November 2013) and looked at what we know about the people behind them. Seeing these gigantic mega brands in the context of what their leaders said, or what was said of them, is a powerful reminder of the fact that …

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What Does your Brand Mean?

brand have meanings

A Brand is about meaning. For an entrepreneur or small business owner, the most important part of your brand is you. Your brand shines when it is aligned with what you want to give and what you want to be known for – and what that is resonates with people and makes them hungry for what you have. People don’t …

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How to Improve the Value of Your Networking

Value of Networking

The statistics show that taking a relationship approach brings far more success than looking for the transaction. In fact, “relationship networkers”, those who build the relationship before getting down to business, achieve more business than those who are “transactional networkers” who look for the business first. This means your mindset is the most important factor in achieving success through networking. …

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