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The Monetary Value of Your Passion

value of your passion

Your sense of passion and purpose is not just about “fulfillment.” It has real monetary value. Feeling okay is not enough!  Only when you are Great, Brilliant or Fantastic do you give of your best. If you are not living your passion, living with passion, you are wasting money. Here are some very real examples of what settling for mediocrity …

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Don’t Let the Light Go Out

Everyone hits a wall at some time. Motivation is not a constant. There are tools you can use to get the zest back faster, to reawaken the hunger for your goals – hunger big enough that it gets you moving quickly and effectively. We get discouraged, get stuck because we do not know the next best move, face the gremlins …

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3 Ways It Pays to Bliss Out

evening enchantment

Activate your Sage Genie – its healthy to be enchanted! The latest science is, yet again, confirming what we all know: it’s really good for you to be in a total state of rapture or bliss over something. Researchers at UC Berkeley say enchantment boosts the body’s defense system. Taking in breathtaking scenery has a positive impact on your immune …

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How to Procrastinate Successfully

successful procrastination

Author: Sue Hines Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at

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Dump Your A-Type Personality

A-Type Personality

As so many “highly successful people” are labeled A-Type, it is natural people would want to be aligned with it – it makes them feel full of potential. There are some good reasons to tame that aspiration,though. Long ago, the virtues were chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness and humility. Not today. Today, and every day – all day long, …

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Outsmarting Your Slightly Evil Twin

your slightly evil twin

I know your slightly evil twin – because I have one exactly like it. In fact, I am sure my twin knows your twin and I’m convinced they swap notes – I’m sure of it because mine can’t be that tricky all on its own! Let’s see if any of this is familiar. If it is, you’ll likely believe that …

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5 Ways to Procrastinate Successfully

There are many reasons we don’t do what we intend. What is yours, and is it “procrastination” or something else? Here is: A hard line on a valueless skill. There is a little barb, a sting, attached to the word “procrastinate” that is not necessarily there when you say “delay”, “postpone” or “take a raincheck.” What makes it sting? “Procrastination” …

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3 Simple Happiness Hacks

Act Happy

Everyone wants to be happy! In fact, it is our right to pursue it. Here are some ways to inject happiness into your day – quickly and easily, right now. Here they are, three ways you can start to feel happy immediately. The first is really the only one you need. Sometimes it’s a little hard to do, though, so …

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Your Dream Job

Dream Job

How often do you have the feeling, “this is what I was born to do”? Where does that sense of certainty come from, and how can you get it if you don’t already have it? I want to start by quoting NYU graduate and activist, Rita Mae Brown: “I believe you are your work. Don’t trade the stuff of your …

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4 Ways to Work Your Passion

work your passion

It is a fact: We all lose passion for what we are doing from time to time. How do you get it back quickly… before the irritation or boredom set in? I’ve written before about holding your passion separate from your work and your everyday life – and how ineffective that makes you. When you shut your passion down, it’s …

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