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Three Words That Matter


Get a powerful lift Three little words can make all the difference to your value. They can change the entire trajectory of your life. This is about you if you are feeling discontent in any shape or form. If there is something that is not quite right, not going your way, or simply not enough in your life – yes, …

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Who Are You, Really?


Parent, Breadwinner, Lover, Boss   In the 7th grade we were given an essay to write in English class. It was an upgrade from the 1st grade drawing “This is me.”  My 7th grade was a long time ago – it was in the ’60s! – but I still remember the instructions and how very hard I found essay to …

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Why Should They Choose You

Why They Choose You

“Why Should They Choose You: How to Give Your Brand The Secret Light of Allure” Order your FREE copy now if you are ready to position yourself for success By submitting your email address, you consent to us keeping you informed about updates to our website and about other products and services that we think might interest you. You can …

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That “Something Special”


How many times do you do one thing, knowing you could or should be spending your time on something else, something more valuable? You struggle to find the words to explain why you do this and you wonder about the reasons you do this to yourself. Something is missing and you are not sure what it is and you are …

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What is Your Brand?


What does astrology have to do with brands? It is all about meaning. Using the archetypal wisdom of ancient astrologers and their understanding of human nature, you can really get into the mind, heart, and spirit of people. Brands are like people. They have identities and personalities. For an entrepreneur or small business owner, the most important part of your …

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What Do You Want to Be Known for?

Tolstoy By Serge Mercouroff

Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, to matter. Something inside you just knows you can change things for the better or that you can be of service, that you can make a mark on the world in some way, however small. Some lucky among us seem to be born knowing the contribution they wish to make in …

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Guiding from The Center


What is it that you do for a living? What is the gift you bring? A critical component of a successful business is defining the actual value that you provide – that element that enchants your customers and keeps them coming back to you. When I first met Cassie, she was quite sure her business was solving a very specific …

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The Heart of The Matter


I was interviewed on the radio recently by the wonderful Carrie Sharpshair, The Sharp Cookie, on Simply Strategic Success Talk Radio her radio show on The Amazing Power of Women network. This Thanksgiving week seems an appropriate time to share some of the ideas we discussed. It is topical because we traditionally talk about what we are thankful during this …

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Brand Positioning


Your customers and potential customers have choices, and lots of them. Why should they pick you or your services? It can be hard for an entrepreneur to separate him or herself from the brand. Whether incorporated or a sole proprietor, you feel that you are your brand. It only feels that way. A brand is the accumulation of thoughts, feelings, …

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