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A Strong Idea

this way

Focus Diffuses Fear They say the universe knocks 3 times when it wants your attention. In a single day, 3 people initiated almost identical conversations with me, so I took notice and want to share my thoughts with you here. Perhaps what prompted people to talk about their fears and anxieties is the unprecedented sea of possibilities in our society. …

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Pivotal Moment

Just Start

To do or not to do     “The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never know defeat.” ~A. J. Cronin Like so many, I have started out with something in mind. Buoyed by excitement and novelty, I have dived in and begun working with enthusiasm and filled with hope. That feeling of …

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Are You A “WhenI”?

Africa Sun

A couple of days ago, my client, Brianna, told me she was going to join an art class in the summer. She did art in high school and has always wanted to go back to sketching and drawing. Brianna is a WhenI. Friends Pete and Lisa have a postcard invitation for a free on their refrigerator. The offer expired in …

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What Are You Looking for?


Life seems to go in cycles. In the past few days, I have run into several people who are doing what they should, but not loving it. Is it just January Fever? Perhaps it is just easy to settle into a routine that suffices. The job pays the bills, offers enough challenge to keep you occupied and focused on what …

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What is Your Brand?


What does astrology have to do with brands? It is all about meaning. Using the archetypal wisdom of ancient astrologers and their understanding of human nature, you can really get into the mind, heart, and spirit of people. Brands are like people. They have identities and personalities. For an entrepreneur or small business owner, the most important part of your …

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What Do You Want to Be Known for?

Tolstoy By Serge Mercouroff

Everyone wants to make a difference in this world, to matter. Something inside you just knows you can change things for the better or that you can be of service, that you can make a mark on the world in some way, however small. Some lucky among us seem to be born knowing the contribution they wish to make in …

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Guarantee Your Success


Perhaps we can only write our own manual for everyday life, but a natural energy flows and circulates around us and through us. Discover and understand each of the 9 energetic qualities within you, and you are well on your way to optimizing your life and achieving maximum success. Your free will is the energy of the Sun, the breath …

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Supercharge Your Resolutions


There is a fable about a boy who cried wolf. A shepherd boy who, to see if people would come when he needed help, called out “Wolf!” when there wasn’t one. Intrigued by the spectacle of everyone rushing to help him, he did it again. He called “Wolf!” for the enjoyment of watching everyone rushing to help him. People were …

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Your Potential


Whether or not you reach or achieve your highest potential is in your own hands. Sure, your circumstances define some boundaries and how we go about achieving, but you determine what you actually achieve or do with the potential you were given. You are born with genes that dictate the tendencies, abilities and sensitivities you inherit. Your genes and the …

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Gift from The Moon

Owl Moon

In astrology, the Moon represents emotions, but it is more than that, it is really all about our intuition. Thought of as passive and receptive, the Moon is symbolic of our ability to absorb and retain elements from our environment.  For thousands of years, humankind has associated the Moon with subconscious patterns that underlie man’s actions and reactions. Even today, …

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