Brand Comes Before Price

magnetic and desirable brandingMake your Brand Irresistible

Pay attention to your brand and you will increase the volume of sales you do. It’s a proven fact that far more people base their purchase decisions based solely on Brand than only on price.

What are the big secrets that make a brand desirable and magnetic?

Actually, there are no secrets. It is more like the elephant in the room than anything secret. You already know that we humans are emotional creatures and we make our buying decisions emotionally.

After we have done our research, after we have looked at the alternatives, after we have thought about it for a while and discussed it with “relevant others”, we decide. We decide based on our emotions.

What feels right gets our vote and our money.

Numerous experiments in laboratories and in real world buying situations have shown that it is very rare that people let cold, hard facts outweigh their feelings.

You have heard me say this before, but it bears repeating:

Money doesn’t buy stuff, people do!

It is not about price! It is about VALUE and value is people-stuff.  It is not the products or services you offer, it is how you offer what you offer and whether thatfeels right to the buyer.

The only question that is truly important when it comes to building a brand is:

What is your “purpose” for being in business and for your brand? 

When you are doing what is truly meaningful to you, when you are doing what you believe in, and you love your product or service, know it makes a difference in people’s lives, and know it has value…. IT SHOWS.

It is what people respond to. It is what makes them trust you and trust your brand.

The only way to get that FEELING into your product or service, is to put that FEELING into what you offer in the first place. That is what buyers respond to.

If you want the winning brand formula, here it is:

The Value you give for the price you charge must be smaller than the Value they get from the price they pay.

Evoking both rational and emotional engagement boosts sales effects by almost 10% compared to either rational or emotional engagement alone.

In other words, people buy MEANINGS.  

You have to invest your brand with powerful and appealing meaning. To do that, you have to know yourself. You have to know your purpose, what drives you, what motivates you – and you have to invest that back into your brand for all to see.

When people see your passion and conviction – they become passionate and convinced. When they feel your authenticity and commitment, they want to be part of it.

Your motivation is the architect of your brand. When you let your intent and purpose shine through, people “get it” – and they want it. People want to be part of something meaningful.

By getting in touch with what motivates you, you position yourself for success because you are able to give the world something absolutely authentic.

What motivates you?

 Find out here NOW  

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