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Pizzazz- the magnetic force of your GenieIsn’t the word, “pizzazz” a delicious sounding and looking word, even if there are not enough Zs in the game for you to be able to use it when playing Words with Friends or Scrabble. The week’s musings are on being in touch with this facet of you that is ultimately responsible for your success.

Flick that switch!                    

Pizzazz is natural consequence of showing excitement and passion or fervor. It draws attention and ignites enthusiasm others find hard to resist.

It is attractive. People love and want to be around that type of energy. They easily allow themselves to be drawn in by it because it is alluring and it makes them want to react and respond. Pizzazz is compelling.

The word “Pizzazz” refers to “a quality or style that is exciting and interesting” (Websters) or “an attractive combination of vitality and glamour” (Oxford). It is a synonym for charisma.

Whatever energizes you and gets you animated and excited, brings out your personal charisma. It can set you apart from equally qualified job candidates in a competitive interviewing situation and it can win you business.

Some people have a definite and single-minded passion, and this focus makes it easy for them to own and flaunt their fascination. Others have varied interests and resist going in to anything whole-heartedly so it is heard for them to summon or reveal the pizzazz-invoking passion.

Finding our charisma triggers can be tricky if we do not recognize the common threads across different interests or if we do not see the similarities in what draws us to various things. The similarity is there, though.

It is in the values and qualities at back of your character. A mixture of the tendencies you inherit plus all you go through from infancy through adulthood shapes your beliefs – things like whether and to what extent you can control things, how good or great you are, how worthy and what you think you can accomplish.

Over time, the qualities that supported you or were reinforced become more dominant. Usually one becomes stronger than the others and you allow it to slip quietly into all the corners of your life because it feels good and right.

This becomes your Genie

These are some simplified examples of how circumstances might uncover and help express a Genie:

That one 6th grade teacher:   

  • Took an interest in you and showed you your gifts when no-one else seemed interested becomes the inspiration for you to become that important to other kids.
    (embracing the quality of Honor – your Genie is The Relater)  
  • Gave you insight into the marvels of chemistry, or stirred a love of English, and inspired you to become a scientist or poet.
    (energized by the quality of quality Enchantment – your Genie is The Sage)  
  • Picked on you and made you feel stupid and, in so doing inspired you to prove your brilliance by focusing on something you were really good at and excelling at it.
    (discovering the quality of Optimism serves you really well – your Genie is The Trendsetter)  

Your parents’ struggle with money makes you determined to:

  • Save and use your money wisely so you and your family never face the same problem.
    (use the quality of Courage to resist temptations and build a secure wall – your Genie is The Defender)  
  • Work harder and smarter and make so much money that you are independent of those worries and can do what you want in life.
    (drawing on the quality of Endurance – your Genie is The Producer)  
  • Go into business for yourself so you can be your own boss, control your own destiny and not have your life be at the mercy of someone else’s decisions.
    (turning the quality of Faith in on yourself – your Genie is The Executor

When people tell personal stories like the ones above, their passion seeps out in animated gestures, a voice modulated by feeling and intensity, or sparkling eyes. All these unspoken language forms are fascinating to others. 

Carrying over the energy of your Genie to everything you do makes you feel stronger and helps you be more successful. You not only feed off the energy yourself, but you share it with others in the form of charisma. When you infuse it with intent and purpose, it becomes your own action style – your pizzazz.   

What ignites you? where does your Pizzazz come from?

Go ahead – Find Your Genie HERE   (it won’t cost you anything).  

Author: Sue Hines

Image credit: Viintage.com

  1. Paul GrahamPaul Graham06-10-2014

    Hi Sue, I have had a lifelong passion for learning and for finding new ways to use that knowledge. Passion is contagious and it in turn feeds on the positive feedback. I find few people fit just one category and observe that while one may predominate, most are fuelled by different genies at different points in their life

  2. Pizzazz!! Can’t get enough of that one, as well as alluring, charisma, ignition. Great post, and I must say, an excellent assessment I hope your readers will take advantage of. My pizzazz comes from connecting with others, seeing them grow, having the privilege of being part of a learning and change process that comes from within and permeates different aspects of life. Aspects Galore!!

  3. Pizzazz is such a great word. How I would love to develop charisma, because of my innate shyness I wonder if it’s possible. Regardless of that, you have given me some food for thought about how to be an inspiration or inspire and how that plays into pizzazz. 🙂

    • Sue HinesSue Hines06-10-2014

      Susan, your instincts are spot on! Pizzazz is all about being inspired – and more. It is about being motivated as well. I don’t think it is possible to fake pizzazz. You need to be inspired and enthused for it to come across as genuine. Take the Genie quiz and find out the root source of your inspiration!

  4. jacquiegumjacquiegum06-10-2014

    Love the word pizzazz! I never thought about developing charisma…I have always believed that it is innate, but you gave me some things to ponder about inspiration and how that contributes to the development of pizzazz!

    • Sue HinesSue Hines06-10-2014

      Jacquie, we all have the capacity for charisma – Yes! It is innate. How to draw it out is important. I have seen the nerdiest, most introverted people turn shine when they are lit with the passion. Their own unique style spontaneously erupts when they “get the jazz.” It is all about tapping into your core.

  5. Shawn DeWolfeShawn DeWolfe06-09-2014

    A very interesting topic. I am looking forward to see what genie model I fit into.

  6. Laurie S HurleyLaurie S Hurley06-09-2014

    I like to think I was born with pizzazz! Intuition and Endurance are my genies. And they fit me very well and I am proud of them. I tend to have more pizzazz professionally than I do in personal relationships for some reason. I’m currently trying to bridge that gap. When I think of pizzazz I also think of freedom of expression; to be oneself and be happy doing so.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines06-10-2014

      Good thoughts there, Laurie. We all find it easier to “reveal” our essence in some aspects of our lives than in others. This is where tapping into your Genie’s helpers comes into play. With Intuition (The reflector) and Endurance (The Producer) being your Genies, the trifector or trinity Genie is Honor (The Relater) – getting in touch with reciprocity, the cycle of give and take.

  7. Lisa VoncinoLisa Voncino06-09-2014

    A very interesting subject, Sue. Do you think charisma is innate or something one can develop? I’d say it is often not quantifiable, but more an attraction and influence some people have over others. I think your image defines one aspect of “pizzazz” since how we dress is how we outwardly appear to the world. “Pizzazz’ is definitely the opposite of boring!

    • Sue HinesSue Hines06-10-2014

      Good thoughts there, Laurie. We all find it easier to “reveal” our essence in some aspects of our lives than in others. This is where tapping into your Genie’s helpers comes into play. With Intuition (The reflector) and Endurance (The Producer) being your Genies, the trifector or trinity Genie is Honor (The Relater) – getting in touch with reciprocity, the cycle of give and take.

    • Sue HinesSue Hines06-10-2014

      Lisa, the brightest and most flamboyant outfit falls flat if the energy the person gives off does not match the outfit. Charisma is innate, and like any talent, it can be developed. Fostering that sense of being attractive involves wanting to attract others to engage with, feed and reflect the energy. Sometimes developing it involves some kind of “coming out” about what lights your fire.

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