Barry Selby – Bright Star Café April 5 2013

Barry Selby

CBS New Sky Radio

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Back by public demand! This week Sue Hines’ conversation is with Barry Selby, The Passion Consultant!

Barry’s road in life has provided him with key lessons about what fundamentally does and doesn’t work in relationship and romance. This has birthed his true calling and mission.

Barry’s life purpose is inspiring people like you to live authentic lives, and the vehicle that most effectively expresses my purpose is my facilitation, leadership, guidance, work with singles and couples to have amazing relationships, living purposefully and authentically, and fulfilling your highest potential.

Passionate about living authentically, living from love first, and living to make a difference, Barry Selby’s calling is guiding people like you to have powerfully profound, passionate, fulfilling and healthy relationships. He also helps clients reveal and share their gifts in the world. We all have them. Yes, even you!

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