Banish Comfort

Burning DesireEmbrace ‘divine discontent’  

I was looking for the connection between what people say they want and what they get. So I asked.

Perhaps you already realize this, but I was surprised at how consistent the findings were.

What stands in the way of achieving your potential right now? Your answers show that the #1 thing standing in your way is …

  • “Tenacity in making phone calls.”
  • “Nothing. I just need to make it happen.”
  • “Organizing my time and focusing daily on the present.”
  • “Not prioritizing.”

…in other words, it is YOU.

Napoleon Hill opened Chapter 1 of his timeless book, “Think And Grow Rich” with:

“Truly, ‘thoughts are things,’ and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.”

He ends the book, 357 pages later, talking about the Master Key – the intangible “burning desire” in your own mind.

The enemy of “burning desire” is comfort.  

When “enough” is “good enough” you have stalled. You have settled. We all do it. We do it in different areas of our lives at different times. We often even do it consciously.

Why do we do that?

I think the answer lies in the question we ask ourselves at that point we decide to settle. That question is “What am I willing to give up to get what I really want?” 

When what you really want is not a “burning desire,” giving up anything seems too much. So you settle.

When there is no definiteness of purpose, it is hard to summon persistence. It simply feels like trying harder. Without direction it is all effort.

Allowing that desire to loom large and powerfully in your mind invokes a “How?” mindset. Your whole being then works to solve the problem. When you have a hankering for something, effort vanishes in pure energy that is focused and directed toward your goal.

The stress and anxiety our everyday reality inclines us stifle our hankerings and desires. On any given day, you can be seduced by the sea of different influences that tug and pull at you. They are so prevalent, the pressures to conform so common, that it is inevitable that you succumb now and then.

Give in and drift for a moment and the current takes you off course.

The remarkable adaptability that makes you human also allows you to adopt an adjusted state as a new normal. So pervasive are the alluring temptations that discrimination inevitably becomes a challenge – and the seduction is complete.

When you allow in only what is familiar and undemanding, your life will be mediocre. So how do you resist the enticing trap of ease and comfort that means settling for something effortless?

You have to want something

– so badly you cannot not go after it…with passion, obsession, and foolhardy determination.

To reach your potential in life, you have to follow the suggestion of the great Steward Brand on the back cover of his final edition of The Whole Earth Catalog… you have to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

If you have lost sight of that hungry, if you are in the middle of the forest, Call Me!  I’ll help you find your Tree of life.

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