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4 Ways to Work Your Passion

work your passion

It is a fact: We all lose passion for what we are doing from time to time. How do you get it back quickly… before the irritation or boredom set in? I’ve written before about holding your passion separate from your work and your everyday life – and how ineffective that makes you. When you shut your passion down, it’s …

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5 Essential Verbs for Success

enrich your life

What is holding you back? You can do more, be more. You know what that “more” is – it comes from deep within you. Yet here you are. Just enough… and that is not enough. Act on your moments of inspiration! Ask yourself what your current course of action is costing you. How is it holding you back? Look at …

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How ‘Fresh’ Are You?

ready to change

If you’re feeling life is a never-ending struggle, it’s possible that it’s you and not your life (or business) that needs a makeover. Sometimes, we even recognize that in ourselves, but don’t know where to start. Do you always get the response you are looking for? Are you getting what you want out of your relationships? Is your business richly …

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I Choose You

I choose you

Do you ever get frustrated because others seem to have a handle on how to move themselves forward while you grapple with choosing what to focus on next to create meaningful momentum in your life or business? Why is that? Some people go after what they want and usually get it. Others hang back and wait, somehow hoping it will …

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Your Work Your Genius

work your sun sign

How did you choose your career? Were you one of the lucky few who always knew what you wanted to be, or did you simply follow opportunities and end up finding something you enjoyed? If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? How people arrive at their careers provides for interesting reading. We humans are so …

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Cultivating You

Arnold Bennett improve your mind

Back in 1910, Arnold Bennett published a great book called “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day“. In it, he talked about the supply of time being a cruelly finite 24 hours in each day that leaves us saying we will do things when we have more time. But we never shall have more time. The only way to …

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Enrich Your Life

More In Five1

In just 5 minutes? You are awake for approximately 5,000 – 7,000 minutes each week. Take just 35 of them for personal enrichment.  + Just 5 minutes of exercise a day increases your lifespan. + Your focus improves with 5 minutes of meditation a day. + 5 minutes of outdoor activity boosts your self-esteem. > That is all it takes, …

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Marketing to Wants – Selling to Needs

want or need

When your teenage kid “needs” those $200 jeans… is it true? There’s a world of difference between wanting and needing. In this commercial-riddled world of ours, knowing the distinction helps you be a better business person and a more savvy consumer – and perhaps a better parent(?). I said there is a world of difference, so what is the difference …

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Mission or Purpose

Mission or purpose statement

So you have a mission statement. Great! That tells YOU what You want to do; your ambitions. By all means share it with your clients and prospects, but it is not why THEY buy from you. They don’t buy from you because you want to “be the leader in customer satisfaction” or “be the most innovative company.”  People buy your …

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Thrive! Arianna Huffington-Style

Arianna Huffington Thrive

I received a link to this today from and just had to share it! It fits so beautifully with the More in 5 Minutes A Day program that puts you in the mindset of success – so you THRIVE.

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