Are You A “WhenI”?

africa sunA couple of days ago, my client, Brianna, told me she was going to join an art class in the summer. She did art in high school and has always wanted to go back to sketching and drawing. Brianna is a WhenI.

Friends Pete and Lisa have a postcard invitation for a free on their refrigerator. The offer expired in August 2012. Pete and Lisa are both WhenI’s.

When I was hanging out with Sheri at her home one evening last week, she dug through a big box of photos to find an old one of a mutual friend of ours. Sheri said “I have quite a few from high school that I want to share on my Facebook high school page. At our last reunion I said I’d dig them out, scan a bunch and put them online.” That reunion was in the summer of 2011. Sheri is aWhenI .

What are they waiting for?

We all do it, by the way. I’m not perfect either. But thinking about these things made me get moving on a couple of my own WhenI intentions. Here’s how I did it. It might work for you:

  • Get 1 Index card and 1 pen
  • Write down 5 WhenI intentions
  • Circle the 1 you most feel like doing¬†
  • Do it!

Heart, mind, and spirit all work together. The act of writing your WhenI intentions down will trigger one or all three. As you write each of them down, pay attention…

  • Your heart may skip a little beat – start with that one.
  • Your rational “I really should do that,” will step up and start nagging at you. If so, it is time to do it.
  • You become aware of how you let yourself down, or let time slip by as you remember you’ve been talking about doing this since 19-something. Do that one.

I promise you, when you start doing one of the things on your list, you will feel better about yourself!

Give yourself that gift.  

A last thought: if you are overwhelmed by the 5 items on your index card because you can’t choose, consult your astrologer. Sue Hines will help you find what you love to do!

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