Amy Cheryl – Thrive Academy – Bright Star Café March 29 2013

Amy Cheryl of Thrive Academy

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My vivacious guest this Friday is Amy Cheryl, of Thrive Academy. Join me, Sue Hines, as I talk with Amy about the secrets you need to know about feeling great about charging what you are worth while doing what you love! 

Amy Cheryl is Southern California’s speaker and spokesperson for Thrive Academy– a business training company for holistic practitioners, coaches and heart-based entrepreneurs. As a result of graduating Thrive Academy, Amy currently facilitates her own mentorship program, “Smart, Sexy and Spiritual,” educating and leading women on what it really means to be a powerful, feminine, confident and inspiring women.  To learn more about Thrive Academy, go to

Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy

Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren of Thrive Academy


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