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Enchanting GardenThe multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is proof that we humans love, crave and even need enchantment. Dictionary definitions of the word enchant includes the ideas of magic, bewitching, delighting and even of joy.

Enchantment is a motivating quality that directly affects our success in life, as individuals and in business.  It is the gift of Neptune.

Being enchanted is like having a spell come over you, bringing with it the fabulous sensations of delight, enthusiasm and euphoria. Things take on a different vibration, colors come alive, and our senses tune into things with a wonderful newness that is exhilarating.

This spirit of enchantment breathes new life into you and you are distracted from the mundane and ordinary by its alluring capacity to energize your imagination.

All the arts can take us there and we have all experienced a time when we lost ourselves for a moment in a glorious melody or captivating rhythm or in the silent gaze of a loved one’s eyes.

This capacity to escape reality does feed our soul and activates specific brain and body circuits that we have in us simply for this experience.

So why do we care about experiencing enchantment?

Fantasy, wonder and dread are all possible outcomes of being strongly attracted, charmed, delighted by something fascinating. Enchantment is crucial to success for many reasons, including:

Because it is about MEANING –the experience of enchantment is enriching and satisfying.

You are wired to discover meaning in life. Beyond sense and reason, meaning is about belief and yet it is far more than belief.

Enchantment occurs when you become aware of a combination of overt and covert meanings, of simultaneous messages to your conscious, pre-conscious or unconscious mind.

The emergence of meaning evokes delight. The sensation of meaning realization is potent – whether the meaning is small as in “getting” a joke or far larger and more significant, as when recognizing the value and importance of some important mission or meaning in life.

“Our study showed that people who reported greater purpose in life exhibited better cognition than those with less purpose in life even as plaques and tangles accumulated in their brains… These findings suggest that purpose in life protects against the harmful effects of plaques and tangles on memory and other thinking abilities. This is encouraging and suggests that engaging in meaningful and purposeful activities promotes cognitive health in old age.”  

Patricia A. Boyle, PhD., Archives of General Psychiatry, May 2012

 You get things done. 

Enchantment smudges out your peripheral awareness and draws you in to the heart of what interests, thrill, amuses, or entertains you.

Flow is the name Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined for when you are fully immersed, fully focused and involved, and enjoying something.

To have a passion for something is to experience the gift of enchantment and it is a powerful motivator as it channels your energies, emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological into a single point where even awareness of the self vanishes.

It is a primary source of motivation or an end in itself.   

It is good for you.

The euphoric nature and the sense of meaning enchantment gives can counteract feelings of fragmentation and isolation.    

When you are totally enthralled with another person or task, you feel connected. With that comes a sense of belonging, of being “right” or in the right place. Any strong positive state supports your immune system.  

Enchantment is a profound change in the experience of reality and that is transformational!

Enchantment is a narrowing of the gap between not real and real. It is the experience of forming, grasping or challenging a belief.

Our ability to create anything new is largely dependent on our ability to imagine, envision and aspire to something that does not yet exist. That means believing in something new.

When your belief about something is changed or expanded, a new order appears or order appears where there was chaos. Meaning is discovered or transformed and so are you.

It is a powerful connector.  

The art of influence and persuasion consists in the act of forming, demonstrating, or challenging beliefs, a task for which enchantment is supremely qualified.

The opportunity for enchantment is all around us every day:

  • The beauty and majesty of nature and its wondrous world of the microscopic and miniscule
  • The incredible consistency and diversity in our social and cultural fabric
  • The rich abundance of creativity all around us every day at home, work, and in the machines that feed, transport, and care for us and service our needs and desires
  • The unfathomable power of our minds and bodies
  • Art in all its forms
  • Language, stories and the power of the written and spoken word to re-frame and shape our lives
  • The complexity and depth of theological thinking, ritual and spirituality.

What is your thing?

Go get enchanted! It’s good for you.

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