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They say the universe knocks 3 times when it wants your attention. In a single day, 3 people initiated almost identical conversations with me, so I took notice and want to share my thoughts with you here.

Perhaps what prompted people to talk about their fears and anxieties is the unprecedented sea of possibilities in our society. It is easy to drown in the plethora of choice.

It doesn’t help that the over-active media storm our brains with demands for attention, or that our traditions are in a state of flux, ebbing away completely for many.

As I think about the vague, yet very real distresses people are experiencing, I can’t help thinking about how easy it is to become overwhelmed when the limits are changing and the framework of society is shifting so rapidly.

Where do we point our compass?

Today our success depends on our ability to make independent and authentic decisions. Yet, there is little in the formal fabric of society that is designed to help us do that.

Psychiatrist and holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, said: “In an age in which the Ten Commandments seem to lose their unconditional validity, man must learn more than ever to listen to the ten thousand commandments arising from the ten thousand unique situations of which life consists.”

Viktor said we must make these choices using our own conscience. But it is hard work to continually make all those decisions if we do not have a rule-book or guide. If you have one, it requires less thought and fewer choices.

Think of the classic portrayal of the person who clocks in to work, does what he or she is told or supposed to for 8 hours and clocks out again at the end of the day. Do you shudder at the thought of experiencing day after day like that?

You don’t need to.

In your personal life or for your business, you only need to hook into your “why.” When you have an ideal, a dream, that really matters to you, it becomes your guide book.

My astrological practice is centered around tapping into that strong idea, the value that gives your life motive power, and bringing it front and center so it becomes a living, vital intention.

The price of freedom is: you have to set your own intentions and think for yourself… and face the possibility of error.

The fear of failure at anything – love, relationships, money, career – is a common deterrent. We all know that you only fail when you give up trying. Until then, the failures are proof of that effort.

A certain amount of tension is not only inevitable, it is part of being alive. Having an ideal, a dream or a “why” also creates tension, but the good kind. It means there is something you want to see or bring about that does not yet exist. Paradoxically, the more compelling the reason, the easier it is to face the tension.

We do and should strive for a level in which we are not overwhelmed by tension. Giving yourself permission to keep trying eases tension because it means allowing that you will continue to fail – until you succeed.

We find all the support we need to keep doing just that among the great virtues (however you define them):

– Patience – Diligence – Humility – Kindness – Temperance – Prudence – Fortitude

When I experience fear, I remind myself that my job is not necessarily to challenge or conquer the fear. Sometimes it is to carry on and do what I have to do in spite of the fear.

We are entering an interesting phase, and I expect more people will be doing some deep introspective thinking. When the fears come up, don’t focus on what holds you back.

Keep your eye on the real prize, doing what matters to you and fulfilling your passion. Get crystal clear on what that is and you will find a way.

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