5 Essential Verbs for Success

enrich your lifeWhat is holding you back? You can do more, be more. You know what that “more” is – it comes from deep within you. Yet here you are. Just enough… and that is not enough.

Act on your moments of inspiration!

Ask yourself what your current course of action is costing you. How is it holding you back? Look at who it is attracting into your life. Are you reaching the customers you want?   

What do you want instead?
Whether it is in your personal life, or it is about your business or career, doing the work of 5 little words can make the difference between getting by and getting on. Try them on for size, get B-R-A-V-E:


Be who you want to be. Be that person you want to be.

I like the concept of self-kindness. It’s about having compassion for the beautiful, imperfect you that is unique in all the world. The English language is somehow not complete without a word that speaks to forgiving ourselves and honoring our best intentions.

Allow your “self” to shine through in your business. It is the essence of your brand.   


Reframe your life. Take a good look at what you are doing, thinking and feeling. What changes do you need to make?

Decide to focus your energy on the relationships, activities, and thoughts that support you. Stop investing your “self” in those that don’t.

Put your energy into business relationships that serve the real you – the clients you want to serve will choose you because you suit them.  


Activate the real you – who you are. Practice using only the elements of yourself that you want to come forward.

I say “practice” because it is a practice, a daily practice we need to pay attention to. It’s so easy to react to the demands of others and the world and lose sight of our own essence in the ever-shifting noise of day-to-day priorities.

Managing your business so it allows the real you to shine through is the practice of brand building.


Vitalize and invigorate only what serves your true values. Look for, notice, and celebrate anything that makes you feel whole and supported.

Make a scorecard, keep a journal or simply stop and notice when you are acting on your purpose. Savor the feeling and keep looking for opportunities to refresh that sense of aliveness.

Market your true essence. Keeping your “self” in reserve for after hours will stifle your brand.


Embrace what your focus changes. The discomfort that accompanies change is a sign of progress.  Allow it to take its course.

Whenever we shift or re-align ourselves, new things start to happen and some things need to fall away. Notice, assess, but stay firm. If your realignment is true, you don’t really need what doesn’t support it.

Give your business time to catch up with you. Over time, you will attract more of your true “tribe” and the others will simply fade. 

So, if you are ready to let 2015 be the best year ever, perhaps it is time to get in touch with the ‘REAL YOU’.  Enrich your life.






Author: Sue Hines

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