3 Ways It Pays to Bliss Out

evening enchantmentActivate your Sage Genie – its healthy to be enchanted!

The latest science is, yet again, confirming what we all know: it’s really good for you to be in a total state of rapture or bliss over something.

Researchers at UC Berkeley say enchantment boosts the body’s defense system. Taking in breathtaking scenery has a positive impact on your immune system. So does a trip to a good art gallery or being swept away by a magnificent piece of music.

Now you don’t have to rely on diet and exercise or simply a good night’s sleep to get your body functioning well. Get your dose of awe, wonder and amazement through nature, art, or spirituality, and you’re doing your body some real good.

Enchantment is one of the 9 qualities which give rise to your Genie – that part of you that fuels your motivation.

Science says the experience of Enchantment promotes healthier levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, the proteins that tell your immune system it’s time to work harder.

We all need a regular dose of Enchantment to be able to be and do our best!

Here are 3 ways a good dose of Enchantment serves you:

  • Enchantment can lighten your depression.

High levels of these pesky cytokines are linked to depression because they block important hormones and neurotransmitters that control mood, sleep and memory.

  • Enchantment helps your immune system work more efficiently.

By lowering cytokine levels, you reduce inflammation and thus your risk of autoimmune diseases.

  • Enchantment increases your health and life expectancy.

The researchers are not sure if these wonderful feelings make you feel better or if you have these wonderful enchanted feelings because you feel better, but they suspect that both are true.

Sage GenieThe Sage is the Genie that comes to the fore in someone for whom Enchantment is their most dominant of the qualities. Whatever your Genie though, the most successful people are able to use all the qualities effectively whenever they want to.

How are you going to get your fill of awe, wonder and amazement today?

Discover your own special Genie HERE.

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