27 Perfect Ways to Procrastinate

procrastination doorIf you have a hard time saying no, or find yourself on the go 24/7, you simply need to learn the art of procrastination.

I’ve been doing a bit of work on how people put off doing things they want or feel they should do.

In case you’re a high achiever who is doing too much, I thought you might like to check out some ways other people get and stay comfortably in limbo:

Here is a list of 27 Genuine Reasons
people have given me 
as reasons
for not doing what they want or need to do.

They are Perfect Excuses for not getting on with something:

1. It takes too long.
2. Not in the mood.
3. Don’t know how.
4. Just not “feeling it.”
5. Don’t have the time.
6. It’s probably too late.
7. In a motivation slump.
8. Have lost momentum.
9. What will others think?
10. Not creative enough for it.
11. It feels too much like work.
12. Don’t know where to begin.
13. Other things are more urgent.
14. Don’t know if it will be worth it.
15. It’s hard to start something new.
16. Feel “empty,” not connected to it.
17. Am too tired at the end of the day.
18. Want to be certain before beginning it.
19. Don’t have confidence in ability to do it.
20. Don’t want to finish – don’t want it to end.
21. It’s too late – should have done it years ago.
22. Just don’t like it so delay as long as possible.
23. Don’t want to fail. Haven’t failed if I haven’t tried.
24. Motivation comes and goes – waiting for it to return.
25. Lost focus because of too many competing priorities.
26. The problem is not getting started, it’s staying motivated.
27. Want the outcome, but don’t look forward to the actual work.

If you are A.) overwhelmed by too much to do or B.) not doing because you are stuck in procrastination hell, it’s time to master your Inner Genie and create the life you really want.

Let’s do this!



Author: Sue Hines

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