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Know Your Subconscious

gremlin mind monsters

(and 18 other frustrating mind monsters) Mercury retrograde is over! Let’s clear out the cobwebs and get our tricky little minds thinking straight again. We make thousands of decisions on an average day (estimates range between 3,000 and 5,000). Here are 18 of the co-existing little mind-gremlins whose sole job appears to be making those decisions agonizing! Focus on “the …

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27 Perfect Ways to Procrastinate

procrastination door

If you have a hard time saying no, or find yourself on the go 24/7, you simply need to learn the art of procrastination. I’ve been doing a bit of work on how people put off doing things they want or feel they should do. In case you’re a high achiever who is doing too much, I thought you might …

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Your Many Gifts

You have gifts

You have gifts! The dictionary defines GIFT as ” a notable capacity, talent, or endowment.”  Each one of us comes with a whole bouquet of them. Do you know what yours are? You have many gifts. They are the seeds of your success. In this hurly-burly world it can be difficult to recognize how the simplest things can guarantee our …

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