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5 Ways to Procrastinate Successfully

There are many reasons we don’t do what we intend. What is yours, and is it “procrastination” or something else? Here is: A hard line on a valueless skill. There is a little barb, a sting, attached to the word “procrastinate” that is not necessarily there when you say “delay”, “postpone” or “take a raincheck.” What makes it sting? “Procrastination” …

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3 Simple Happiness Hacks

Act Happy

Everyone wants to be happy! In fact, it is our right to pursue it. Here are some ways to inject happiness into your day – quickly and easily, right now. Here they are, three ways you can start to feel happy immediately. The first is really the only one you need. Sometimes it’s a little hard to do, though, so …

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Can You Make It Rain?

Are you a rain maker

…and thoughts of being in the real world. Do you ever “wish the real world would just stop hassling me,” as the song, “Real World”, from Matchbox Twenty says? Whenever I hear that song, it sticks with me for a few days. They call it an ear worm, a song that keeps on playing in your head long after you …

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