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Absolutely Enchanting

Enchanting Garden

The multi-billion dollar entertainment industry is proof that we humans love, crave and even need enchantment. Dictionary definitions of the word enchant includes the ideas of magic, bewitching, delighting and even of joy. Enchantment is a motivating quality that directly affects our success in life, as individuals and in business.  It is the gift of Neptune. Being enchanted is like …

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What is Beyond Creative?


Ingenuity brings creative ideas to life   Have you also found that when you are wrestling with that awful sense of feeling stuck the world seems to take on a different tone? It’s like an old photograph. Once sharp, now yellow and fragile. I invite you to ignite the fire inside you….! Creativity is about seeing something in a new way. …

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9 Ways To Cultivate Optimism


And put your life on steroids    Are you an optimist? If you believe your happiness comes from inside you and that there is some more-or-less stable and predictable order to life, you are probably an optimist. If you believe you have relatively little or no control over events and that they occur without any predictable order or pattern, you …

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The Magical Ingredient for Growth

magical ingredient for growth

6 Ways to beat the devil Courage means creating a different future. If you are doing anything worthwhile, you will need courage. Whenever you take on an important or valuable task or mission, there is risk. This holds true if you are following your heart and aiming for something in life or trying to make a difference in the lives …

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Wear Your Soul on Your Sleeve

what excites you

It’s good business   In this jaded world of ours, we are keenly aware of being politically and socially correct. Yet the demands of modern life are frenzied and harried and we count making time to think a luxury. The end result is murky thinking and weak philosophies. This cocktail is a powerful sedative – a creator of mediocrity..and we muddle …

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