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Motivation Secrets

book with motivation secrets

From a long lost book If you know me, you know I suffer from bibliophilia, the love of books. I have thousands and thousands of them and an exploding Kindle. But there was one book that made me come to dread going to the library. I used to use the library as my “tasting room.” Whenever I particularly enjoyed a …

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Which Comes First, Passion or Purpose?

passion and purpose

Dialing in to what matters Passion and Purpose are recursive – the pursuit of either leads to the other and each is dependent on the other for its existence. The question posed to me was which comes first. Passion usually seems to be the hook, but it is the realization of purpose that everything engage in you so you are …

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Life’s Instruction Manual?

Life's instruction manual

Directions for creative construction GETTING STARTED: What you were born with has already been modified. Optimal functioning will require some adaptation. WARNING:  Read all instructions carefully before use. INSTALLATION: Your kit includes several tools. These are designed to enable you to operate efficiently and effectively without the use of willpower. It is important to identify and locate them within you. …

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Stake Your Claim

claim it

Stand for something! Your life story contains important clues about the kind of legacy you are going to leave. If you study the signs by examining your life, you can shape that contribution. In my program called Position Yourself for Success, my clients review specific periods in their lives, uncovering significant events and insights. They track the cycles that repeat …

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