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How We See You


How to be different in a sea of sameness? There are many parts to the process of designing a believable, relevant, and highly distinctive impression or mind-space to occupy. Here I focus on the OUTCOME, not the process of positioning. It is possible to land at a differentiated positioning, eventually… over time – if you have it. The alternative is …

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You Paid What?


Breaking the mold: Imagine your teenage son came home wearing the very latest fashion item in hip-hop fashion – from Kanye West’s new line of “luxurious” clothing. How proud he is wearing it! Hans Christian Andersen is smiling down at you and you realize your mouth is open. Your smiling young Emperor is standing in front of you in what …

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Three Words That Matter


Get a powerful lift Three little words can make all the difference to your value. They can change the entire trajectory of your life. This is about you if you are feeling discontent in any shape or form. If there is something that is not quite right, not going your way, or simply not enough in your life – yes, …

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Howard Sambol – Bright Star Café – August 2 2013

Howard Sambol

Howard Sambol joins Sue Hines on Bright Star Café this week. Howard is a Transformational Coach, Program Designer and NLP Practitioner with over 35 years experience facilitating breakthroughs in people’s lives. He’s the creator/director of Career Crafting—a state of the art program for professionals seeking to re- invent themselves. Career Crafting provides all the tools and coaching you need to …

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MP Grace – Bright Star Café – July 26

MP Grace, Author of The Magic Carriage

M.P. Grace has just published The Magic Carriage, a playful book about history. In it, she has combined historic facts and perspectives with fiction, introducing history in an exciting and adventurous way. It’s important  to think and dream beyond bubble of our daily lives.  A great way of inspiring kids to think about their own world and behavior is to …

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What Is Your Potential Worth?

what is your potential worth

It Is More Than Average There’s a real danger in setting your goals within reach. It is a guarantee for mediocrity. Why shouldn’t we aim for excellence, for the ultimate in success? It seems to me that there is only one reason that we don’t and that is uncertainty. We don’t take the time to delineate exactly what our potential …

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