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A Strong Idea

this way

Focus Diffuses Fear They say the universe knocks 3 times when it wants your attention. In a single day, 3 people initiated almost identical conversations with me, so I took notice and want to share my thoughts with you here. Perhaps what prompted people to talk about their fears and anxieties is the unprecedented sea of possibilities in our society. …

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Pivotal Moment

Just Start

To do or not to do     “The virtue of all achievement is victory over oneself. Those who know this victory can never know defeat.” ~A. J. Cronin Like so many, I have started out with something in mind. Buoyed by excitement and novelty, I have dived in and begun working with enthusiasm and filled with hope. That feeling of …

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Banish Comfort

Burning Desire

Embrace ‘divine discontent’   I was looking for the connection between what people say they want and what they get. So I asked. Perhaps you already realize this, but I was surprised at how consistent the findings were. What stands in the way of achieving your potential right now? Your answers show that the #1 thing standing in your way is …

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Who Are You, Really?


Parent, Breadwinner, Lover, Boss   In the 7th grade we were given an essay to write in English class. It was an upgrade from the 1st grade drawing “This is me.”  My 7th grade was a long time ago – it was in the ’60s! – but I still remember the instructions and how very hard I found essay to …

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Patricia Belkowitz – Bright Star Café July 19 2013

Patricia Lynn Belkowitz

My guest this week is Patricia Lynn Belkowitz. Patricia has a message and a method. She believes that every moment of your life is a choice. And you are in control of that choice. Through the use of hypnotherapy and therapeutic imagery, Patricia helps her clients to access the power of the subconscious mind to make better and more positive …

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“I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with you. Your guidance has empowered me with certainty and clarity, encouraging me to trust myself and the path I am on. The focus you have given me already made a difference to expand my business. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“ ~ Tildet von Schoenbrot “Thank you very much …

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