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Looking in The Right Places


On 3 occasions so far this week, I have been reminded how important conversations about values are. Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool for helping people get at and sort out their priorities. In a reading with a professional astrologer, you get to hit on all the different departments of your life. Sometimes the one that commands most of your …

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Conscious Living


One of the most intriguing aspects of my journey as an astrologer was discovering that it works. It works as a tool for conscious living. Astrology has a long a history and has been used in all manner of ways throughout the ages. One of the reasons it has persisted is that it deals with the fundamental business of living. …

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Why Astrology?


Many astrology readings result in an “Ah-ha!” moment, or even a series of them.  No-one knows you better than you, so the chances are a reading will delve into many things you already know or suspect. Many times, though, it is like unexpectedly catching sight of yourself in a full length mirror in an unusual place. It makes you realize …

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Astrology As A Clock


Thinking about the question of what astrology “is” or “does,” I think in terms of a clock. A clock might show the time as 1 o’clock. The clock only shows that it may be, and does not “make” it or cause it to be, time for lunch. In the same way, astrology can reveal the potential influences in a person’s …

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New Perspectives


Look a little closer and you could have a whole new perspective! Astrology can provide you with insight into your potential and tendencies and it can point to opportunities and challenges. Perspective – Understanding – Insight – Validation – Motivation What to do about recurring patterns in your life Why what used to work no longer does Relationships and what …

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Why Now?


There are 2 main categories of reasons people seek out an astrological reading, and they are not mutually exclusive. The first is to get rid of something in your life and the second is to gain something. What they have in common is the need for a new perspective from a safe and unbiased source. You look for help when …

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Nature Nurture


Many struggles in life stem from feeling “I was born that way” or believing “I was brought up that way” Sometimes simply separating these two releases the struggle. In the Conscious Integration™ program, we examine the role of heredity and environment in your personal development. Perhaps there are patterns that come up again and again in your life ♦    Why …

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Brand Positioning


Your customers and potential customers have choices, and lots of them. Why should they pick you or your services? It can be hard for an entrepreneur to separate him or herself from the brand. Whether incorporated or a sole proprietor, you feel that you are your brand. It only feels that way. A brand is the accumulation of thoughts, feelings, …

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Business Astrology

Chicago Library

J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t have astrologers, billionaires do” As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you face unique challenges. Over 15.5 million people in the U.S. are self-employed. Work and home, personal and business intermingle in ways the employed cannot imagine.  More than half of small businesses are home based. Your business decisions have a profound influence your personal …

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